Fiber cement by James Hardie has earned a reputation for stability and a very low maintenance cost. It is also known as “James Hardie board siding.” It is made from a mix of wood pulp, sand, cement, and clay. The siding in fiber cement is much thicker than vinyl, and it has a better ability to withstand harsh weather effects such as strong wind or hail. The fiber cement material is considered to be very stable, and does not expand and contract at the same pace that a true wood siding or vinyl siding does. Fiber cement siding is built to mimic the look and feel of natural wood siding, as well as to provide less hassle, maintenance, and cost, including protection from insects. The stability of fiber cement allows paint to last longer on its surface; hence, a fiber cement coating does not require refreshing as often as wood siding.

Fiber cement readily accepts paint. Most fiber cement manufacturers offer a wide range of factory-applied finishes. In addition, most fiber cement siding can be painted, so that an owner can change their design plans anytime they feel like it, without having to replace the siding itself. The demand for this type of siding has risen drastically due to its durability and low-cost wood alternative. Fiber cement is often compared to vinyl. These products both have long warranties, and they’re very visually appealing.

Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding-

o Fiber cementing siding is not susceptible to termites
o It is highly resistant to water and also fire proof.
o A fiber cement siding holds paint very well
o Fiber cementing offers lots of options for texture and color.
o It prevents from insects and pests too.
o It is dimensionally stable, meaning that it won’t expand or contract
o Fiber cement is available in both primed and pre-painted version
o It has long durability and warranty.

Disadvantages of Fiber cement siding-

o Fiber cementing is more expensive than typical vinyl products
o Pre-painted fiber cement is considerably more expensive than the primed unpainted version
o Installation of fiber cement is more complicated as the material used is very heavy
o Fiber cement is required to be re-painted periodically
o Cutting of the material produces a lot of dust, making the installation process more challenging

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